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That was a surprising email message I received first thing in the morning yesterday. I was awarded MVP for Visual Developer - Visual C#! Pardon the cliche but I really thought it wouldn't happen -- mainly because of my pro-open source stance Wink. Anyway, thanks Microsoft!

The only thing I take issue about is the title. Frankly, I don't want to be known as a visual developer. There's something about it that makes me cringe. And it's precisely the reason why I blog on .NET topics. I'd like to play a part in weaning the typical Microsoft developer away from the emphasis on visual, RAD (Rapid Application Development) stuff. Don't get me wrong; there's nothing bad about desiring to come up with software fast. But it's not right if it means promoting bad programming habits.

Being "MVP" is kind of bittersweet for me though. On one hand it's sort of recognition for the little I have contributed to the Filipino developer community the past year or so, but on the other it comes with a realization that I am no longer there. I've been here in Singapore for almost two months and this section has been quiet lately. I haven't even delivered on my promise to continue the step-by-step TDD demo I started a few months back.

I'm pretty sure I will no longer be MVP by next year (sana ikaw na Jokiz, he he) but I'm here not for the award but for the privilege (and the thrill!) of sharing and learning with you folks in the Pinoy developer community. I hope to find time pretty soon to resume posting stuff here and even sharing the things I'm learning lately at work. Influenced by the genius in the office I'd like to try and learn new stuff -- new programming languages and concepts. Hmm...maybe I should do this at least every year!

Posted 07-03-2007 5:19 PM by cruizer
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jokiz wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 3:01 AM

congrats master!

re: visual c#, tool specific ata kasi mvp program.  anyway, u really deserved it given the effort that you've given to the filipino developers, hintayin namin pagbabalik mo!

lamia wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 3:34 AM

Congrats cruizer! Pero dapat nde ka magulat. Magulat ka kung ako ang naging MVP hahaha! Dito sa office namin naglolokohan kami kasi I attended the last MSDN Session about VS Orcas and sabi nila Microsoft Certified Java Programmer daw ako. Lolz.

wraith wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 8:30 AM

Galeng! Welcome to the MVP Program!

undetected wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 10:35 AM

Wow, Dre, Congrats!  /boogs

Jon Limjap wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 6:25 PM

Tanggalin mo na lang yung Visual bushing. Okay na yun :)

cruizer wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 6:52 PM

is that you, the great hubert rabago of the java world? :)

unclebear wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 9:33 PM

Congrats, bossing! Lupit mo talaga...

willydavidjr wrote re: Surprising
on 07-03-2007 10:10 PM

Sir cruizer! A big congratulations po! Even though you don't want to be a visual developer, still, your are one of the best among them! Again congrats and keep it up!

undetected wrote re: Surprising
on 07-05-2007 9:56 PM

not sure about the "great" part, but yes, MVP dre,  tis me!  hope you're doing fine there!

cocoy wrote re: Surprising
on 08-01-2007 7:57 PM

congrats again master! you deserve it (heck if you didn't, who else is there?)

anyway, commenting here because i got tagged. it's a blogging game. it is about writing 8 facts/habits that your readers don't know about you.

should be fun. hope you don't mind and can join in.


cruizer wrote My journey (to the dark side) is now complete
on 08-06-2007 7:08 PM

Just when you thought I've crossed over to the dark side , I guess it wasn't complete yet. This

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