Fix for :"undefined method `exitstatus' for nil:NilClass" when building IronRuby

Just downloaded/checked out the latest IronRuby(now on rubyforge) source and followed the instruction on the intro webcast by John Lam. It was a simple issuance of rake test command to see if it will build correctly, much to my dismay it blurted out : ""undefined method `exitstatus' for nil:NilClass" error. Huh?! I tried it several times even with the --trace switch so that I could see which portion it's giving an error. I thought also that resgen.exe wasn't in the path so I tried to build it using VS2005 command line, no luck, one clue was that it did point out to the rake source file..

Just to make sure that the source is working correctly, I opened it in VS and compiled it, no problem there. So, I suspect that it was the rake command that's giving the problem. I issued a gem list and noted that I haven't updated it, it was 0.6, it was some time ago since I last issued a gem install rails --include-dependencies --http-proxy[myproxy]. However  instead of updating rails, I simple issued a gem install rake, to update to the latest, v0.7.3. I then issued a rake test to confirm, and voila it was able to build correctly.

Hope this helps. 


Published 09-13-2007 5:07 PM by bonskijr
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