do you have to know everything all the time?
Published 02-08-2008 10:04 AM | barakoboy
i don't know about you guys but i'm starting to get mentally exhausted at the rate technology has been changing in recent years. how many java web frameworks are out there today? 60? 70? 100? and the list keeps on getting LONGER. here's a...
Prefer Broad Design Skills over Platform Knowledge
Published 02-08-2008 9:58 AM | barakoboy
link: Building a team is always a tricky task since it is pretty unlikely to find people who would fit all the criteria of the ideal candidate. Trade-offs are inevitable and, in this context...
the hardest questions to answer when you're a software developer
Published 09-06-2007 9:53 PM | barakoboy
gaano katagal pa yan? malapit na ba matapos?
Scorn Globally, Act Locally
Published 08-16-2007 1:30 PM | barakoboy
in an ideal world, all projects we handle have source code that are so beautifully crafted that merely reading them gives you a sense of enlightenment and makes you marvel at the simplicity of the code (and for a few gives you that warm fuzzy feeling...
argh ... deadlock
Published 08-03-2007 11:36 AM | barakoboy
just when we were starting to feel really good about our chances of delivering a working and performant system, i get an email from the stress test guy of our client saying our transactions are causing table locks left and right. what the ..... now i...
101 Ways To Know Your Software Project Is Doomed
Published 07-19-2007 7:54 PM | barakoboy
got this from my boss today. my personal favorites: 17, 36, and 100 (best of the lot) Management has renamed its Waterfall process to Agile Waterfall You start hiring consultants so they can take the blame The Continuous Integration server has returned...
the real deal transformer
Published 07-18-2007 3:50 PM | barakoboy
coming soon to a store near you CLICK ME
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
Published 07-17-2007 6:34 PM | barakoboy
link: as one of my former PE teachers used to say, " good practice makes good perfect " Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by Peter Norvig Why is everyone in such a rush? Walk into any bookstore, and you'll...
The seven sins of programmers
Published 07-12-2007 7:43 PM | barakoboy
By Steve Goodwin link: Online on: 2007-04-11 Programmers. The system administrators worship their bit twiddling capabilities. The users exchange vast quantities of beer for new...
everybody loves the paperclip
Published 04-13-2007 9:02 PM | barakoboy
project muni-muni
Published 03-30-2007 11:12 AM | barakoboy
we delivered the software with an hour to spare. software development projects just aren't as fun and exciting if you don't let murphy impose his law upon it. it has been said hundreds of times before, and yes i will say it again: PEOPLE, NOT TOOLS, MAKE...