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Practical C#8 - The Callback Model by avcajipe

Client Callbacks fascinate me because it works differently from the standard postback of the ASP.NET Model. The MSDN documentation for Client Callbacks : In the default model for ASP.NET Web pages, the user interacts with a page and clicks a button or...
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Practical Javascript 2: Trimming trailing spaces by avcajipe

I started JavaScript with the assumption that the string object already has a built-in function to trim preceding and proceeding spaces. Unlike C#/ or T-SQL, the JavaScript string object doesn’t have this function. It’s just one of those...
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Practical Javascript 1: Validating user input by avcajipe

This is the first part (and very first blog post which I had repeatedly procastinated over the years) of my javascript posts. Alright, i admit it, JavaScript is my friend! I enjoy exploiting the hell out of javascript to bring out it's practical usage...