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DotNet Division Bug?
Here's an interesting exercise for the day. In Visual Studio 2005/2008, 1. Create a new Console Application. 2. Put in the following code in Main: double x = 5.15; double y = x / 100; Console.WriteLine("y = " + y); 3. Put a breakpoint at...

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Free .Net Obfuscator
I've stumbled upon a free .Net obfuscator --Eazfuscator.NET. So far, it works well for my purposes. Most obfuscators are costly--ranging from $200 to $2000! But this one is freeware and it works better than the free one bundled with Visual Studio...

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Printing PDF Using WebBrowser Control in .Net 2.0
Okay, after almost a year and an offshore assignment, I finally had a chance to update this blog. I was developing a .Net 2.0 C# windows application wherein I basically have to print PDF files from a Windows application. I tried to use the Adobe Acrobat...

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