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There is a slight modification for my previous post. The conditions for the if statement there is inadequate. The bug occurs when refreshing the browser when the mouse is beyond the leftmost side of the window, a valid yet unanticipated negative value for the X. This is evident especially for dual monitors--like what I am using. Thus the new conditions are as follow:

if (window.event.clientX 0
&& window.event.clientY 0
&& (window.event.clientX -1000 || window.event.clientY -1000)) {

//do closing routine...

The 1000 value is a safe value for anticipating the event that we really expect--i.e. closing the window. Apparently, values lower than that seem to cause erroneous triggering.
This is in response to my previous post re JavaScript Hashtable Implementation. I modified my code to be able to remove elements, as well as get an enumeration of the elements in cases wherein the keys are strings rather than integers.

Here are the new members of the Hashtable object:

remove(string keyName) - Remove an element by key name
getAt(int index) - Get the value at the specified index
getEnum[int index] - Get the key name at the specified index

count - Get the number of elements of the Hashtable object
location - (deprecated)

So, here's the new code:

// create an instance of the hashtable object
function Hashtable(){
this.hash = new Array();
this.keys = new Array();
this.getEnum = new Array();
this.count = 0;

Hashtable.prototype.hash = null;
Hashtable.prototype.keys = null;
Hashtable.prototype.count = null;
Hashtable.prototype.getEnum = null;

// get the value at the specified index
Hashtable.prototype.getAt = function (index) {
return this.hash[this.getEnum[index]];

// get the corresponding value
Hashtable.prototype.get = function (key) {
return this.hash[key];

Hashtable.prototype.remove = function (key) {
for (var i = this.keys.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
if (this.keysIdea == key) {
this.keys.splice(i, 1);
this.getEnum.splice(i, 1);
this.hash[key] = null;

this.count = this.keys.length;

// create an entry in the hashtable
Hashtable.prototype.put = function (key, value) {
if (value == null)
return null;
// create a new entry
if (this.hash[key] == null) {
this.keys[this.keys.length] = key;
this.count = this.keys.length;
this.getEnum[this.count - 1]= key;

// set the value
this.hash[key] = value;
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